Coaching Framework

At Unique Life Paths, your child’s journey matters to us and we want to partner with you to facilitate a joyful and meaningful process. To ensure that you and your children feel supported every step of the way, we developed our signature coaching framework:

Identifying Needs

  • Once we have completed the complimentary chat and we have decided to work together, the coach will follow up with a phone conversation or email for more details or information.
  • This would allow us to assess your children's needs effectively before we recommend a coaching programme in the next step

Bespoke Coaching Plan

  • Based on the findings from the questionnaire and our conversation with you, we will design a bespoke coaching plan suited to your child's needs.
  • This would include customised assessments, resources and expected outcomes within a certain timeframe. The minimum timeframe is 4 weeks, typically with one session per week.
  • We will present this recommended plan you and we might make certain adjustments to the plan based on your inputs.

1-to-1 Online Coaching

  • Once we have finalised the plan, it is time to begin the actual coaching with your child.
  • Coaching sessions are 1-hour long and conducted via Zoom.
  • If either your child or the coach needs to miss a session, we will reschedule the session based on a manually agreed time slot.
  • After each coaching session, you will be updated on what we covered during the session and how the child responded. These updates will be given to you via texts or email.

Review and Feedback

  • After the coaching engagement has been successfully completed, our coach will arrange a review session with you either via a phone chat or a Zoom meeting to review your children's progress.
  • During this review session, the coach will share in detail how your children have benefited from the sessions as well as discuss the next steps with you.

Pricing plan

Worth the investment!

Total Investment
4 coaching sessions
All assessments such as the DISC personality & Multiple Intelligences
All resources such as suitable templates & workbooks
Detailed review and report at the end of every 4 coaching sessions
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