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Unlock the extraordinary potential within your child and embark on a transformative journey with our experienced principal coach, Claudine Fernandez. At Unique Life Paths, we understand the unique challenges that children aged 6-14 face in today's fast-paced world. Our specialized coaching programs are designed to:

Empower your child

Helping them manage stress

Boost confidence

Ignite the motivation to reach their fullest potential

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Why Choose Unique Life Paths?

Tailored Coaching for Every Child

At Unique Life Paths, we recognize that every child is unique. Our coaching programs are personalized to cater to the individual needs and aspirations of each young mind. Whether it's stress management, confidence building, or goal achievement, Claudine Fernandez is committed to guiding your child along their unique life path.

Experienced Principal Coach

Meet Claudine Fernandez, the heart and soul of Unique Life Paths. With years of experience in education and child development coaching, Claudine brings a wealth of knowledge, passion, and dedication to help your child thrive. Her approach is not just about achieving short-term goals but instilling lifelong skills that will benefit your child in various aspects of their life.

Comprehensive Coaching Programs

Our coaching programs cover a spectrum of essential life skills. From stress reduction techniques to confidence-building exercises and goal-setting strategies, Unique Life Paths offers a holistic approach to empower your child for success in every aspect of their life.

Proven Results

We take pride in the positive impact our coaching has on children. Witness your child blossom into a more confident, motivated, and resilient individual, ready to face life's challenges head-on. Our success stories speak volumes about the effectiveness of our programs.

Interactive and Engaging Sessions

Learning should be fun! Our coaching sessions are interactive and tailored to engage children in a way that makes the learning process enjoyable. We believe that a positive and supportive environment is key to unlocking a child's true potential.

Parental Involvement

At Unique Life Paths, we believe in collaboration. We keep parents in the loop, providing insights into the progress of their child. Working together, we can ensure a seamless integration of newfound skills into your child's daily life.

Help your children find success and meaning in their lives today.

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How are we different?

We believe that it truly takes a village to raise a child and we want to be part of that village. We regard parents as partners whom we work closely with to ensure that the coaching produces long-lasting effects.

We also recognise that each child is a unique individual with unique needs and therefore we spend a lot of time getting to know the children and building rapport with them before recommending a bespoke coaching programme for them.

As part of the coaching, both parents and children will get access to tools and resources that they can use to continue thriving and growing long after the coaching sessions are over.


The DISC assessment not only reaffirmed what we already knew about our son, but more importantly made us understand why he behaves the way he does. By highlighting his fears and motivations, we have the opportunity to be able to relate to him much more. This knowledge will help us to improve our communication with him moving forward and to provide the support he needs mentally and emotionally.

The assessment itself was quick and easy enough for a child to perform without too much stress and the analysis and debrief afterwards was incredibly helpful in interpreting and explaining the results. Claudine was very helpful in suggesting areas of potential growth as well as tips on how to improve communication with him.

-Melissa De Costa,

Mother of Liam

It was definitely a beneficial session for both of us (parents)! It helped us put what we knew about our child into perspective and frame what we needed to understand.

The 1 hour analysis session allowed us to see how we could move forward and adopt some simple strategies that can help our child maximise her potential.

It also helped explain the differences in personalities (parent and child) and the reasons for the tension or clashes that sometimes happen during communication.

Definitely worth our time and hope we can adopt the tips and strategies to help our child.


Mother of Nasuha

Glad that we did DISC test with Ray Yang. It was really an eye opener for us to realise his character. It is quite consistent. Now we know why he reacts this way in his studies and other areas.

We now know how to work better with him.
Should have done this test earlier.


Mother of Ray Yang

The DISC session is a simple assessment yet amazingly accurate analysis on the traits displayed by the child. It helps a great deal in understanding why the child acts or do things in a certain way due to their disposition.

This enables us as parents to manage the kid in a more appropriate and effective way based on their strength and weakness.


Mother of Isaac

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